International delivery:
Our company is based in The Netherlands but we do offer European shipping! For rates and delivery times check our Shipping & Returns page. (Please beware that international deliveries can take longer due to the Coronavirus consequences.)
 Payment methods:
iDeal, PayPal, Bancontact & Creditcard. 
Because there is only one piece of every item on our website we price everything individually. We can fully understand this may bring up some questions on where we base our pricing on. Because we strive to only sell vintage in the best quality possible we base our prices on the following factors:
The exclusivity and rareness of our items is based on the prints and production year. The older some pieces are, the more worth they gain. You can find out the production year based on the clothing tags and sometimes it's even printed on the items self. Same way as for the prints.
-buying price:
Just like every other store we have to pay for every item before reselling it. We get our vintage from lot's of places and have some great wholesale companies where we collect our categories. The buying price differs in every category. 
-brand worth:
Another factor we keep in mind is the brand worth. How much did the first buyer pay for it and how much do other stores ask for it? We try to do the best research possible and after that we make an estimation that will fit our pieces and audience
 For more help please check our disclaimer page and/or feel free to contact us 💜